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Best Way To Sell Broken Cell Phones For Cash

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Every day, technology advances, and we, too, evolve. With the constant advancement of technology, we are compelled to acquire a new version of a device over their previous one, the most noticeable of which is your smartphone. Isn't that proper? But the most important concern is what will happen to the old device. 

Revamp Electronics is willing to help you with such issues by providing an excellent chance to cash in on your used and old smartphones. You can recycle your old phone and sell it for extra capital with just a few simple taps. It's also vital that we do our part for the environment, so instead of leaving your device inactive or dumping it away, why not cash it in? 

Fastest Ways To Sell Cell Phones

When it comes to sell broken cell phones for cash, you have three options. One option is to sell the phone through an online market. The second alternative is to exchange your phone for credit, while the third is to sell it to a firm.

  1. Using an online marketplace to sell to a person

Selling your phone is a smart choice if you want to receive a fair price for it. However, this necessitates a significant amount of work. You'll need to make a compelling list of what you're selling, and you may need to haggle over the price. If you sell your phone on an online marketplace, you may get a higher price since individuals are ready to pay more. However, not every vendor is suited to an online marketplace.

Take photos of your phone for the online marketplace, complete the ad, provide data about the offers. Then meet the buyer to exchange your smartphone for cash.

eBay is one example of an online marketplace. Remember that eBay charges a fee, and you must also cover the price of packaging and delivery. You may not only post your phone for sale on eBay, but you can also select the price. You must take photos of the phone, create a comprehensive description, pack the phone, and deliver it to the successful bidder, just like you would on Classified ads.

  1. Leverage Trade-in Services

It's pretty easy to trade in your phone for a substantial sum of money. Some companies, such as Amazon, provide you with the option of receiving a free pre-paid shipping label; the thing you need to do is pack your smartphone and send it.

A few trade-in services offer credit rather than cash, while others offer a new phone discount. Also, keep in mind that you should be honest about the phone's advantages and disadvantages while exchanging your phone. If you avoid this step, you will receive less money than the advertised price. So be cautious.

  1. Sell to a Company

The simplest method to obtain the most money is to sell old broken phones to a firm that buys old cell phones. You may receive an estimate by answering a few questions on the internet. The projected cost is generally accurate. After the company has received and evaluated your phone, you will be paid.

One of the numerous benefits of this choice is that mobile phone recycling companies provide the packing material free of charge. So the thing to do now is place your phone in the box and ship it.

You may also sell the phone straight if you don't want to use this option. Some smaller, independent phone businesses may be interested in purchasing your phone, and you may get cash right away.

Find out the most profitable way.

Other options include web-based selling and trading offers from online business companies, in addition to the previously stated options. Purchasing a phone from a comparable e-business outlet and exchanging your old phone might be a good option. When you buy broken phones from an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart, you can also replace the old one with a new one. However, they might not have the same resale value as you had hoped.

Things to consider while selling phones.

To get the highest price for your phone, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. The old device should work and not be turned off.

  2. The phone should be in good working order and come with all of the original accessories.

  3. Verify that the phone has a current bill.

If you don't have the original accessories and your smartphone ages for a year or two, you may still try selling it, but you'll get a lower price.

How is Revamp Electronics better than another platform?

Revamp Electronics is undoubtedly the best website for selling your phone because it is secure, simple, and gives the best price. You can sell the phone even at the house if you follow a few simple steps. You need to create an account on the website and select your model. You will receive the money to your bank account instantly after being picked up. The website assigns a grade to your smartphone depending on its health and then sells it as a refurbished phone. 

Perks of Revamp Electronics

We provide you the best potential benefits you can get by selling your old phone on this website.

  1. Get cash instantly – Who doesn't want cash in this world? Instead of throwing away your old phone, sell it for cash straight away. You can sell your phone in only a few seconds and get quick cash at Revamp Electronics.

  2. Safety – It is the most excellent alternative for obtaining the highest possible price in terms of safety. Its condition determines the price of an old smartphone. The company uses legitimate criteria to determine the optimal pricing for your device. The executive will pick up the phone at your convenience from the required place.

  3. Simple to use – The website is simple to use. The entire activity takes only a few seconds to complete. The steps are simple, straightforward, and user-friendly.

  4. Get cash delivered to your door – You won't have to leave your house; payment will deliver to you. Go to the internet, look up a pricing quotation, and enter your information. An executive from the company will come to take the phone and send over the money. 


You can sell your phone, tablet, or another device in any condition. So, whether your phone has a broken screen, a malfunctioning LCD, or won't power on, you can assure that you'll receive the total money for it.

It's because cell phone purchasers specialize in buying broken phones and repairing and refurbishing them to get them back in functioning order, so they can still make more profit for them. So, if you're looking to sell broken phones for cash, Revamp Electronics is the place to go! Find out the value of your broken phone right now!

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